Uroš Kaurin

Performer, director (Slovenia)

Uroš Kaurin (1985) graduated from AGRFT in 2009 and in the same year, immediately after graduating from SNDO (School for the Development of New Dance / Choreography, Amsterdam Theater School), he got a job at the Slovenian Youth Theater. From the 2018/2019 season, he is a member of the ensemble of the Maribor Puppet Theater.

He started working in the Slovenian theater and dance space as a student, and still works on the non-institutional scene, for example in Via Negativa in tandem with Vito Weis, with whom he created the play Hero 1.0. He is also active locally, as a member of KUD Moment from Maribor, a non-governmental and non-profit organization dedicated to the creation and development of independent theater and related performing arts. From 2010 to 2012, it hosted the international festival of independent theater Prestopi. The widest audience remembers him from the youth hit Let’s Go Our Own Way.

Despite his youth and relatively short career in the Slovenian Youth Theater, his presence has already indelibly marked his scene. His remarkable motor skills came to the fore in King Lear (in which he violently played Edgar), Oliver Twist (his Jack Dawson or Fox are overwhelmed by obsessive charm) and the Vampire (especially his shocking memory, vain stubbornness and youthful arrogance) marked by a young monologue a nobleman who is accustomed to having all his own, but cannot win the love of his wife). With a resolute presence, he remembers the bear in the Class Enemy (Re – / – de / -construction) and Danton’s death. Like Jacinta in the almost “omnipotent” ensemble Pohujšanja v dolini šentflorjanski, he captures the right measure and, with the necessary parody outlined in the ensemble itself, really inspires his character with erotic sensuality that would make anyone, not just Saint Florentine’s saints, dizzy. He is part of the acting and author team of the project Cursed be the traitor of his homeland !, with which he has performed on dozens of European and world stages; in the anthological last scene, which reproduces (i) the implicit internal tensions in the acting ensemble, he establishes himself as a fundamental antagonist to his older colleagues with “his” youthful self-confidence.

In 2010, at Borštnik’s meeting in Maribor, he received an award for a young actor and, together with his colleagues, an award for exceptional collective creativity in the play The Cursed Traitor of His Homeland !. In 2018, he received the Borštnik Award for acting.