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Digital Forum

Zoran Kesić – “The secret of the success of our show is that the host is incredibly charming”

  • 23 Nov 9:00pm

Humor is a form of critical thinking. Danijal Hadzovic talks with the most famous satirist journalist in the region, Zoran Kesic

Art forum, Online streaming

The Society of Spectacle

  • 23 Nov 10:00pm
  • Youtube

A show about the ordinary woman and man dealing with a pressure of the ever-growing society of spectacle. They are two clowns dealing with the real world – unemployment, fear, desperation, but also humor – in their Beckett-like world. Haris Pašović directs this black comedy with humor, merciless irony but also with empathy and understanding of the seriousness of crisis.

Digital Forum

Biljana Srbljanović and Tena Štivičić – “Can feminism be extreme?”

  • 24 Nov 9:00pm

Is there a limit to feminism? Biljana Srbljanović, one of the most important European playwrights and a regional star of playwriting, Tena Štivičić, speaks publicly for the first time about her intimate experience of feminism and feminist perspectives. The host of this very special podcast is Milena Bogavac.

Art forum, Online streaming

Uncovering a woman

  • 24 Nov 10:00pm
  • Youtube

“Uncovering a Woman” is an original project focusing a theme of archetypal, social and cultural importance for women and men in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Digital Forum

Filip Grujić – “We are all tenants”

  • 25 Nov 9:00pm

Although he has become a literary sensation in the region, 26-year-old Filip Grujic is measured and modest. His latest novel "Tenant", which was shortlisted for the NIN Award, is about young people and their experience of the reality in which we live. The host of this unusually simple, but very smart and emotional podcast is Milena Bogavac.

Digital Forum

Ivan Medenica – “Unscrupulous interests of capital”

  • 26 Nov 9:00pm

Our time is drama, and Ivan Medenica is one of the best European drama theorists. As Ivan Medenica, professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade and artistic director of BITEF, sees the new age, hybrid life and whether the unfolding of planetary drama is foreseen. The host of this inspiring podcast is Milena Bogavac

Digital Forum

Ida Juranić – “Women are addicted to social networks, and men to pornography”

  • 27 Nov 9:00pm

Croatian psychologist Ida Juranić talks about which content men and women are addicted to on the Internet, how to deal with Internet addiction and how to rationally use social networks. [embed][/embed]

Digital Forum

Nihad Uk – “We had a better time in 1996 than today”

  • 28 Nov 9:00pm

Although he has been a part of our party from the very beginning, Nihad Uk, the party's secretary, is one of the youngest high-ranking party leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the age of 32. Is it time to change generations in Bosnia and Herzegovina? politics and what values ​​and ideas do young forces bring? Will Bosnia and Herzegovina get better when individuals and a generation that did not build their political path through narratives based on war divisions and traumas take the helm of the state? or maybe the next generation of politicians will be even more radical than their predecessors? We are discussing these topics with Nihad Uk. [embed][/embed]

Digital Forum

Boris Isaković – “Our zeal is such that we overcome all obstacles”

  • 29 Nov 9:00pm

How do art, and especially theater and film, experience the drama of a pandemic and a hybrid life; climate change and all the other crises of today? Boris Isaković is one of the leading regional actors in theater and film and is a professor of acting at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. Boris is known for his relaxation but also for his deep reflection on art and the world. The host of this mountain podcast is Haris Pasovic

Art forum, Online streaming

The Conquest of Happiness

  • 29 Nov 10:00pm
  • Youtube

Inspired by the writings of world-renowned pacifist Bertrand Russell, The Conquest of Happiness, which features dance, theatre and live music, contextualizes his writing against some of the most horrific acts of war of the twentieth and twenty first centuries. East West Center, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Prime Cut Productions Northern Ireland and Youth Theater, Slovenia

Digital Forum

Nebojsa Vukanovic – “War profiteers and deserters became great nationalist leaders”

  • 30 Nov 9:00pm

A politician in BiH without party infrastructure,  sharp-tongued, always speaks his mind, does not flatter anyone, uncompromisingly deals with political powerful people, but still enjoys great popularity and support in society and is known as one of the political leaders of the new generation . This is exactly what Nebojsa Vukanovic is like, who talks to journalist Danijal Hadzovic about the political madness in which we live in BiH. [embed][/embed]

Digital Forum

Marija Granić – “The attention of today’s young people lasts 5 seconds”

  • 1 Dec 9:00pm

Marija Granić is a young Croatian psychologist who talks at Sarajevo Fest about how the Internet and social networks make us depressed and what is the optimal way to use digital technologies so that they become a useful tool in our hands and not a source of our enslavement. [embed][/embed]

Art forum, Live

The Game

  • 2 Dec 8:00pm
  • Studio BHT

The Game, a devised theatre project, will study the role and responsibility of Slovenia and its border policy for lives and fates of the people on the run.

Digital Forum

Mark Pleško – “Our Yugoslav experience is a step ahead of Europe”

  • 3 Dec 9:00pm

Mark Pleško is the founder and CEO of Cosylab (Slovenia), which is the world's leading supplier of control systems for the most complex machines on the planet; nuclear accelerators; optical and radio telescopes; cacer therapy systems and many others. In this incredibly interesting podcast, Mark talks about the power of science, the future of Europe and the importance of our Yugoslav experience. Podcast host: Haris Pasovic

Live, Young Leadership Forum

The Interspace

  • 4 Dec 12:00pm
  • Youth Theatre Sarajevo

The performance explores the spaces that form us, but also the ones that suffocate us. All these specific spaces open the path to the unexplored spaces of memories, emotions, dreams, freedom, the unknown… The path to our interspaces.

Art forum, Live

Hero 2.0

  • 4 Dec 8:00pm
  • Youth Theatre Sarajevo

Everything they have, everything they have left is them, shoulder by shoulder. Void, light and two actors. Heroes. Both are main characters. Both are fighting for their place in front of the audience. The means are not in question. No compromise, passing all obstacles to the ultimate creation, masterpiece. The ultimate performance, now or never!

Digital Forum

Krešimir Krolo – “Facebook threatens our democratic order”

  • 5 Dec 9:00pm

In his work, one of the most famous Croatian sociologists of the younger generation paid special attention to the influence that the media have on the development and behavior of young people. We are talking to Krešimir Krolo about how the Internet and digital networks have changed our lives and what kind of world the generation that spends time staring at a mobile phone leave behind. [embed][/embed]

Digital Forum

Blaž Brodnjak – “Slovenia and Croatia should enter the Open Balkans, then it will be our Scandinavia”

  • 6 Dec 9:00pm

Blaž Brodnjak is the CEO and President of the Management Board of NLB banka in Slovenia. In this surprising podcast, he speaks openly about the changes in banking that have occurred in response to the current crises; about the future of corporate care for the planet; about the future of banking and about the best perspective of the region if the countries formed from Yugoslavia and Albania unite in the Open Balkans! Podcast host: Haris Pasovic

Art forum, Live

Three Winters

  • 7 Dec 7:00pm
  • Youth Theatre Sarajevo

A story that follows the history of a Zagreb family and their home in three key historical moments (1945, 1990 and 2011), where each year brings important milestones that affect the fate of not only the heroes of this story, but also the whole history of the former Yugoslavia.

Digital Forum

Peter Onuf – “The spirit of Thomas Jefferson and the American Revolution lives on today”

  • 7 Dec 9:00pm

Peter Onuf is the greatest living expert on Thomas Jefferson, one of the founders of the United States and its third president. Onuf explains why Jefferson considered the right to "seek happiness" a basic civil right and how important this idea is in today's world. [embed][/embed]

Digital Forum

Marija Raspudic-Selak – “War profiteers and deserters became great nationalist leaders”

  • 8 Dec 9:00pm

Marija Selak-Raspudić is a professor of philosophy who, thanks to her sharp mind and sharp language, gained great popularity in Croatia as a regular guest of HRT's show "Fifth Day". In the meantime, she supplemented the faculty department with a parliamentary bench, and since 2020 she has been a member of the Most list. At Sarajevo Fest, Selak-Raspudic answers the question of how the war affected the shaping of her and her generation's views, whether she is a right-winger, as many perceive her, what it means to be a patriot in a predominantly mono-ethnic state like Croatia, and how the Internet and social networks affect attitudes and behavior of all of us. [embed][/embed]

Digital Forum

Aleksandar Trifunovic – “Social networks demolished SNSD in Banja Luka”

  • 9 Dec 9:00pm

One of the most important regional journalists and political analysts, Aleksandar Trifunović, talks to the host of this intensive podcast, Danijalo Hadžović, about how social networks influence politics.

Digital Forum

Ivan Pašalić – “Sorry, for telling you …”

  • 10 Dec 9:00pm

The young actor Ivan Pašalić is one of the best in his generation and is a great hope for theaters in Croatia and the region. How does he see the present and his generation? This spontaneous, cheerful and enjoyable podcast is hosted by Milena Bogavac

Art forum, Online streaming

Generation 91-95

  • 10 Dec 10:00pm
  • Youtube

The backbone of the story is an absurd situation created by the meeting of two groups of disguised soldiers on a secret mission, members of the HVO and the Army of BiH, in the summer of 1993 somewhere in the Bosnian hinterland. The tragedy of confusion is inevitable.

Digital Forum

Tomaž Mastnak – “Modern technologies have created a new form of enslavement of the working class”

  • 11 Dec 9:00pm

Tomaž Mastnak, one of the most popular and respected Slovenian sociologists in the world with a number of influential books, talks about the role that social networks and the Internet play in the political control of society and how something that should have led to greater information and transparency in the world has become deadly weapons in the hands of elites to manipulate the feelings and choices of the masses. [embed][/embed]