Tvrtko Jakovina

Historian (Croatia)

Full professor at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University in Zagreb, where he graduated and obtained his PhD. Teaches World History of the 20th century. Obtained his MA at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. Has been lecturer for years at Istituto per l’Europa centro-orientale e balcanica and the MIREES Programme of the University of Bologna, as well as at the University in Split, and at several doctoral programmes at the Faculty of Philosophe and Faculty of Political Science. Author of scores of articles about foreign policy of Tito’s Yugoslavia, Croatian and Yugoslav history of the 20th century, recipient of Kiklop Award (2013) and the Award of the Association of University Professors and Other Scientists. Vice-President of the Croatian Fulbright Alumni Association, member of the Council of Croatian-American Society, President of the Management Board of Miko Tripalo Centre for Law and Democracy and a member of several associations and editorial boards of professional reviews in Croatia and neighbouring countries. Writes for the “Jutarnji list” daily and the “Globus” weekly.