Mark Plesko

President of Cosylab (Slovenia)

I’ve been many things in my life: professional sportsman (Balkan champion), nuclear physicist (co-discovery of matter turning into antimatter), programmer, MBA (graduated with honours), lecturer, scientist, engineer, entrepreneur, salesperson and CEO.
Lately, I am also investing in startups and advising blockchain ICOs, such as Viberate and Eligma.

For some, I’m a high-tech wizard, for others I’m an eccentric, living in a small village of ten mostly empty stone houses in the Provence-like countryside of Kras (Karst, Carso). In truth, I’m only trying to find a balance in life between work success, quality time with my family and little bit of time for myself. And somehow it worked out, therefore I consider myself a lucky person so far. But no one knows what the future will bring, so let’s keep the fingers crossed.

Here’s my official bio:

Born in 1961, received a PhD in Physics in 1987, completed MBA in 1996 with honors.  I am an internationally renowned expert for control systems of nuclear accelerators and other big physics experimental facilities. I’m the co-founder and CEO of the company Cosylab, which is the world leader in control system integration for nuclear accelerators, other large physics facilities, and for Cancer Particle Therapy. I have received the Award of the European Physics Society for control systems in experimental physics in 2001 and have been elected to the Engineering Academy of Slovenia in 2012. I am member of the EU-Japan business round table, of the Board of Governors of the J.Stefan Institute and the Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia and member of the Programme Council of the Faculty for Mathematics and Physics of the University o Ljubljana. My bibliography comprises 70 scientific journal articles, cited 1000 times, and 130 other publications. I am a skilful lecturer and teacher, able to entertain and educate a large audience, no matter whether it is a group of laymen or experts.