Ivo Josipović

Politician, former president (Croatia)

Graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Zagreb, then obtained his MA degree in Criminal Law, and PhD with the thesis on “Law of Arrest and Detention in Criminal Procedure Legislation” in 1994. Graduated from the Music Academy in Zagreb, Composition Department. Before he was elected for the President of Croatia, he had been a university professor, a member of the Croatian Parliament and a composer. He taught Criminal and Misdemeanour Law at the Law Faculty in Zagreb. Published several scientific papers in domestic and foreign reviews. Composed about fifty music pieces for different orchestras (symphony and chamber orchestras, as well as soloists) that were performed by eminent musicians in Croatia and abroad; published musical notations of several of his pieces, as well as about twenty sound recordings. He is the recipient of several Croatian and international artistic awards and recognitions, such as the Grand Prix of the European Radio Union and two Croatian ”Porin” record awards. For several years, he was the director of one of the major festivals of contemporary music, Zagreb Music Biennale, and General Secretary of the Croatian Association of Composers. As legal expert, participated in the work of UN PrepCom on the establishment of the internal Criminal Court and at the Diplomatic Conference in Rome. As an expert collaborated with the Council of Europe in several countries in the prison system monitoring missions. As legal expert, he proposed and supra-proposed several Croatian laws. Represented Croatia before the Criminal Court for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and International Court of Justice (ICJ). Member of several domestic and international lawyers’ and artists’ associations, such as the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, Croatian Law Centre, Croatian Association for European Law and Croatian Association for Science and Practice of Criminal Law. Areas of his special professional interest are criminal justice, criminal procedure, misdemeanour law, war crimes, international tribunals, human rights, fight against corruption and organised crime. He was elected for the President of the Republic of Croatia in 2010, and completed his term-in-office in 2015. During his term-in-office, the Republic of Croatia became a member of the European Union.