Ćamil Duraković

Politician (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

One of the surviving victims of genocide, who went on the Death March in July 1995 to break through to Tuzla. Upon moving to the USA, he finished the School of Judicial Administration and Advisory Psychology – field of domestic violence. Came back to Srebrenica in 2005 and received his master’s degree in social policy on the topic “Impact of unemployment on the social needs of the youth” at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University in Tuzla. Worked in Administrative Service of the municipality Srebrenica managing the Citizens’ Service Centre, and as Advisor to the Municipal Mayor for international relations. In 2012, took over the office of Mayor of the Municipality Srebrenica. Established the Association “Pokret Odgovor” that gathers young returnees in a non-violent and democratic struggle for freedom and right of the returnees to the entity of Republika Srpska.