Arijana Saračević Helać

Journalist (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Long-term journalist and editor in the Informative and Documentary Programme of FTV, had also worked as reporter during the war. Over the thirty years of her professional work in journalism, she was awarded the highest domestic and foreign awards, such as the Courage in Journalism Award (IMWF) in 1993 in New York. She has made significant achievements in the area of analytical journalism, following all anomalies of transition society, which Bosnia and Herzegovina did not escape. She proved herself as a remarkable columnist in serious online media outlets. She also expressed herself as an author in the Documentary Programme of the FTV, and confirmed successful by exceptional ratings following her investigative programs, particularly the series “Political murders”; and films on the fall of the Bosnian Posavina, Children of the War from both BiH entities, the film about Tito, Mikulić, Blum, 20 years of Dayton, Dissolution of League of Communists of Yugoslavia, Bogić Bogićević, up to the most recent film: Bosnia, which was screened in two international film festival over a short period of time, and won a prestigious award. Her documentary film “I know what the offside is” produced by NDV and BHN, was marked as one of the most watched documentaries in the region. The premiers in Sarajevo, Belgrade, Zagreb, and Novi Sad are remembered for being the most visited. She was a member of the PR teams of some major events, from the Olympic Games in 1984, to the OSCE Summit in 1999, to the EYOF.