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Uncovering a woman

24 Nov 10:00pm 2021

East West Centre



“Uncovering a Woman” is an original project focusing a theme of archetypal, social and cultural importance for women and men in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is clear that this topic is not limited to Bosnia and Herzegovina. It speaks necessarily about the universal aspects related to the topic of women. The title suggests that women are still secret in a certain way in the Bosnian society. Also, the title has a mild erotic connotation, which gives certain romanticism the subject.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, in just half a century, the social position of women has been radically changed several times. The Second World War and the war in Bosnia from 1992 to 1996; four different political and three different economic systems; patriarchal tradition and emancipation of women and the secular and religious circumstances – shaped the lives of Bosnian women in the last several decades. “Uncovering a Woman” is a music theatre work that expresses the complexity of the world of women in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Multiple social roles; creativity; fears and exposure to violence; strength and weakness; controversy; intellectual achievements and banality; motherhood and personality independent of motherhood are the topics of “Uncovering a Woman.”


Author and Director: Haris Pašović
Composers: Danijel Žontar & Dino Šukalo
Set designers: Lada Maglajlić & Vedad Orahovac
Costume designers: Irma Saje i Vanja Ciraj
Choreographer: Tamara Curić
Design: Enes Huseinčehajić
Photo concept: Irwing Penn
Photo by: Velija Hasanbegović

(in alphabetical order)

Berna Balić
Amar Čustović
Katarina Kikić
Sanela Krsmanović-Bistrivoda
Merima Lepić-Redžepović
Minka Muftić
Irena Mulamuhić
Mediha Musliović
Dražen Pavlović
Sanela Pepeljak
Danijel Žontar