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Three Winters

Youth Theatre Sarajevo
7 Dec 7:00pm 2021

The play was created as a graduate work of acting students in the class of professors Jasna Đuričić and Sanja Ristić Krajnov. The premiere of the play was on March 25, 2018.

“Three Winters” is a story that follows the history of a Zagreb family and their home in three key historical moments (1945, 1990 and 2011), where each year brings important milestones that affect the fate of not only the heroes of this story, but also the whole history of the former Yugoslavia. Between wars, contemporary political events and love, we see the courage to find their place in the world primarily through the female characters of this family that have been its pillar for generations. As we follow their journey in the present time, occasionally with retrospection, we recall what one family encountered in the past and how far that past is actually from us.

The complex story of four generations of women from a Zagreb family, at a time when Yugoslavia was being created and at a time when it was falling apart, until today, with all the hopes, illusions, wrong decisions and fractures of its heroes, these students played with so much maturity, acting skills and the fine poetic energy, which is truly unique, is not seen just every day and that is why it is so valuable. Not only did these students perfectly master the urban Kajkavian dialect of Zagreb, but this melodic speech, spoken by gentlemen and servants, their socialist children and the later generation of the new capitalism, became a window through which the whole unfortunate country can be seen in this play. was once called Yugoslavia. In the ambience of a larger room that was adapted as Zagreb’s civic living room, through which, with joys and sorrows, with happiness and quarrels, the turbulent history of these spaces roams, sat all around the audience and in muffled silence, in one breath, followed this four-hour a saga about the fate of thirteen heroes of one family in war and peace. These events do not happen in a straight line, nor do our lives: now we see a touching scene of a grandmother and granddaughter with a night lamp, now the memory of something ugly from fifty years ago, now everyone is at the table, aware that some topics are not talked about, and then they are still talked about, at a time when it is already late. In the end, all these heroes, living and dead, and with a thousand wounds, meet in the middle of that room, in a reconciliation that never happened in real life, some quiet music of our youth is heard and darkness slowly falls on the stage. That darkness, as if the universe had dissolved, was accompanied by a common cry of enthusiasm and applause from the audience, who experienced this incredible show as their emotional story, which has been squatting in it for decades and burdening its soul.

Bojan Munjin


Directed by: Jasna Đuričić


Vladimir Kos – Nikola Knezevic
Masha Kos – Isidora Vlcek
Alisa Kos – Vanja Kovacevic
Lucija Kos – Ksenija Mitrovic
Dunja Kralj – Suncica Milanovic
Karolina Armush – Ana Rudakijevic
Alexander the Great – Stefan Beronja
Monica Winter – Andrijana Djordjevic
Ruža Kralj – Staša Blečić
Marko Horvat – Aca Lazin
Igor Marevic – Milos Lucic
Marinko – Aleksandar Sarapa

Lighting designer: Anđelko Popić
Sound designer: Aleksandar Mrđan
Producer: Uroš Ranković
Bright technician: Stefan Asentijevic