Live, Young Leadership Forum

The Interspace

Youth Theatre Sarajevo
4 Dec 12:00pm 2021

The Youth Theatre Travnik, in co-production with Studio Theatre Zenica and Centre for Culture Travnik “Interspace”

The authors’ project Interspace has been created on the basis of documentary materials of the young and improvisations on the topics they wanted to talk about. During the process, the young collected various materials, created scenes, and opened numerous questions: Why do you have to be brave in order to be true to yourself? What does it mean to be true to yourself and be different in BiH society? Why are emotions unacceptable in our society? Why are we so quick to judge? Why do we hate and discriminate? What are the moulds we
have to fit in?

The result was a performance that addresses the topic of growing up in a small town, but also the maturation in general. The performance explores the spaces that form us, but also the ones that suffocate us. From “mahala” (street) where we play as children, to the “carsi”
(downtown) where we mature, to mountains out of town where we dream about future. All these specific spaces open the path to the unexplored spaces of memories, emotions, dreams, freedom, the unknown… The path to our interspaces. What are the cultural needs of the young in small towns? Can the theatre for the young become a point of social change in the community? Can the young be creators of new
cultural contents? In 2021, as the part of the project “Community Theatre”, over 70 young people from five towns got together (Travnik, Busovača, Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje, Donji Vakuf and Vareš). With their mentors, they organised workshop, visited professional theatres and
created their own original performances. Performance The Interspace, directed by Emina Omerović and performed by the young people from Travnik, talks about growing up in small towns and all the problems the young have to deal with. Thanks to the theatre, the young
people created a dialogue with local community. A group of young people in Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje, and their mentor Oliver Jović, started the Youth Theatre “Česta” as a new cultural point in their community. Are the examples from Travnik and Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje
just happy incidents, or models for other towns and young people living there?


Emina Omerović and the collective

Oliver Jović

Adna Dautović

Asadullah Nekemi

Nejra Mulić

Sara Kelava

Stefan Jovišić

Vedad Kerić

Lejla Karić, Tarik Tuco