Art forum

Arts and politics

9 Dec 8:00pm 2020

Guests: Andrej Josifovski Pijanista, visual artist; Sabrina Begović Ćorić, director; Nejra Latić Hulusić, director; Nermin Hamzagić, director

They are artists in their thirties and they have sufficient personal and professional experience as well as plenty of energy to engage in the most challenging projects. And they are not afraid of politics! On the contrary.

This year, Andrej Josifovski Pijanista has undertaken several large visual arts projects that branded Belgrade. His art always draws attention of the public, professionals, police, authorities and the media. Such projects have established Andrej Josifovski Pijanista as one of the most interesting visual artists in Europe.

Sabrina Begović Ćorić is a director equally intriguing on film as well as in theatre. Fresh, emotional and to the point, Sabrina has “opened the windows” in BiH theatres and cinemas.

Nejra Latić Hulusić is an uncompromising director, who is brave enough to deal with the most urgent social issues – in her films, television programmes, columns and public commentaries.

Nermin Hamzagić is a director who is particularly sensitive to marginalized young people who are often victims of social neglect. A fierce critic of current politics and a nominee for the European Oscar – the European Film Academy award for his film “Full Moon”.