Žiga Divjak

Director (Slovenia)

Director Žiga Divjak entered the Slovenian cultural public with a series of events and performances under the common name Immediately before the Revolution (2013-2015). He symbolically marked some key places in the cultural infrastructure of Ljubljana – from AGRFT, Cankarjev dom, Španske borac to SNG Drama Ljubljana – and was a guest of Borštnik’s meeting in Germany and Croatia.

He remained faithful to his socially engaged attitude in his work at the academy, which has so far taken place in the Slovenian Youth Theater, PG Kranj, Cankarjev dom, SNG Drama Ljubljana and MGL. In the 2017/18 season, he joined the experimental residential project Nova pošta, which took place throughout the season in a co-production of the Slovenian Youth Theater and Maska Ljubljana; within it, the play 6 was created, which in 2018 won the Grand Prize of the Borštnik Meeting for the best play of the festival. A year earlier, Divjak himself received the Borštnik Award for directing the play The Man Who Saw the World, produced by the Slovenian Youth Theater. The play Igra premiered at the end of the 2019/2020 season and, like Seven Days, was included in Borštnik’s Encounter, where it received as many as seven awards, from acting, through directing and dramaturgy to the award for best play.