Willemijn Lamp

Curator, journalist (Netherlands)

The co-founder and co-director of a literature festival in Amsterdam: Read My World. This festival started in 2013 and focuses each year on literature from a different region in the world. She worked as a freelance curator for the international literature festival Writers Unlimited (before: Winternachten) in The Hague. From 2010 – 2017 she was responsible for the opening of the cultural season in the city of Utrecht (Het Uitfeest). She also works as a journalist/theatre-literature critic and as an advisor for the arts for the province of Flevoland and previously the city of Amsterdam. She worked as a program coordinator for the project Amsterdam World Book Capital. World Book Capital is a title appointed by UNESCO to the city of Amsterdam to promote reading and writing among its citizens. She has been managing a Dutch Hungarian theatre group and worked as a dramaturge for several theatre groups. From 2003 until 2007 she worked as a manager at a literary theatre (Perdu), where she was responsible for the artistic direction. She worked as a programmer at the Dutch Theatre Festival and as an assistant researcher at the Holland Festival.