Vito Weis

Performer, director (Slovenia)

Vito Weis was born on September 25, 1986 in Maribor. In 2010, he graduated in Drama at AGRFT. In addition to acting, he further trained in the field of contemporary dance at the Ljubljana Dance Theater and in numerous workshops (classical acting, Grotowski, performance – VN lab, various techniques of contemporary dance, (). Already during his studies, as a guest, he began to participate in repertoire performances theater (SNG Drama) and author’s plays (see) After graduation he works as an independent actor in repertory theaters, on the stages of the independent stage and works with various groups – Via Negativa, Betontanc and directors – Janša, Jablanovec, Pograjc, Zupančič, Đilas, Peršuh , Roschina, Jelen, Lampič, Peternelj… in the field of drama theater, dance, physical theater and contemporary performing arts. After his studies, he made several short and feature films, and at the 50th Borštnik Meeting he received the Borštnik Award for Young Actor and the Golden Lion Award in Umag in 2016. In 2018, he received the Borš Award. tnik’s acting award. Since 2019, he has been a member of the ensemble of the Slovenian Youth Theater, with which he has occasionally collaborated before.