Miki Manojlovic

Actor (Serbia)

The Serbian actor known for his numerous acting achievements in some of the best Yugoslav film, TV and theater productions, such as the series “Throat in Strawberries” from 1975, in which he plays Mickey Rubiroza, and the film “Father on a Business Trip” by Emir Kusturica. He has also acted successfully in films outside the Balkans. In 2009, he was appointed president of the Serbian Film Center. He comes from a family of theater actors. Some of the more famous films in which he played are “Black Cat White Cat”, “Underworld”, “Alien America”, “Tango Argentino”, “We Are Not Angels”, “We Are Not Angels 2” and “Covenant”. For merits in the field of theater and film in Southeast Europe, in 2011 he was named an honorary doctor of the European Film Academy.