Marija Granic


Since 2019, she has defended her master’s degree in psychology with a diploma thesis on the topic “Relationship between musical preferences and the frequency of listening to music with well-being and stress”. Employed as a psychologist in the Pragma Association, which deals with the promotion, advancement and protection of human rights, education, mental health and addiction prevention, and individual psychological counseling of young people. Her areas of interest are clinical, sports and organizational psychology, and thanks to professional psychological practice in the psychiatry department at the Dubrava Clinical Hospital, the Croatian Employment Service and the Klaićeva Children’s Hospital in Zagreb, she has gained numerous experiences in organizational and clinical psychology. Thanks to ten years of music education, she acquired the profession of music theorist, with the piano as the main instrument. In addition to music education, she has been involved in dance (Latin American and standard dances) since elementary school, and for the last few years she has been active as an athlete competing in sport dance. She likes to spend most of her time playing the piano and guitar and singing, and her great passion is photography, with which she likes to capture the priceless beauties of nature and moments of numerous gatherings and travels.