Ida Juranic

Born in 1980 in Zagreb, she graduated in psychology at the Croatian Studies and obtained her postgraduate education at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, majoring in Business Management - MBA. In order to say for herself that she is an eternal student, she is still being educated, currently for a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist with the association of HUBIKOT and mindfulness trainers. She started her career as a market researcher in the agency Goran Milas, Target, who taught her the logic of scientific work through college courses and agency work, which is applicable, as she says, not only in science and profession in general, but such a way of drawing conclusions reduces distortions in everyday life. Apart from the Target agency, she also worked in other market research agencies: Prizma and Hendal, but her heart was drawn to working with people and she switched to occupational medicine, which she still does every day. She has been at the Opus Medicus Institution for the last 8 years. Since 2011, after passing the professional exam for basic and special leave in the field of occupational medicine, she has been engaged in psychological activities. He conducts daily psychological assessments and psychological counseling for the working age population, and as a psychologist-consultant for several companies, she participates in the selection of staff and makes recommendations for their management. From 2014 until today, she has published three scientific papers through which she has perfected a systematic and operationalized approach to the issue. In addition to practical training in the scientific approach since 2014, she also encourages the popularization of the psychological profession through expert reviews of current topics for the television companies RTL and HRT. In 2014, she was the originator and co-founder of the StresProtekt association, which provides psychological assessment and individual and group counseling, most often for acute stress reactions, anxiety disorders and disorders, adjustment disorders and depressive disorders. She puts a lot of focus on prevention through psychoeducation. The importance of education is supported by many years of mentoring to trainee psychologists and occupational medicine educators, and in 2017 she gave a lecture at Croatian Studies, University of Zagreb on the topic of occupational health psychology.