Dino Šukalo

Musician (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Composes and produces music, which resulted in the establishment of his own recording studio and label. He has also been dedicated to composing music for films, TV and theatre. Šukalo cooperated with numerous pop and rock experts in music scene such as Dino Merlin, Letu Štuke, Hari Mata Hari, etc. He also cooperated on the jazz, world and improvised music scene with artists such as East West Orchestra (Hamlet), Minority (Ninja on the roof), Halka/O Ljubavi (Halka), Amira (Amira Live). In July 2018, he performed a solo concert in Cividale Del Friuli, Udine IT, as a part of Inzirli project, produced by Mittelfest/EastWest Center. Mr. Šukalo’s cooperation within the film, theatre and TV scene acting as a composer and producer are: Alkemija Balkana (Al Jazeera BiH), Hocu Kuci (Refresh), Majka (Refresh), Neprijatelji (Al Jazeera BiH), Hamlet (East West Centar) and numerous others. Šukalo won numerous prizes and awards, such as Prize for the best arrangement at the Festival of Folk Music Ilidža, 2012; Prize for the best composed music at the Theatre Games in Brčko and numerous others.