Danijal Hadžović

Journalist, moderator (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Journalist and publicist from Sarajevo. He had his first journalistic engagement in 2009 on Radio 202. After that he worked on the Depo portal, Federal Television and Slobodna Bosna. Since August 2020, he has been working as a journalist and editor at Dnevni Avaz. He is the author of several hundred journalistic texts – columns, analyzes, research and interviews, which were published in the Bosnian and regional media. In 2015, with several like-minded people, he founded the Liberal Forum, an association dedicated to promoting and disseminating the policies and values ​​of an open and free society. As the president of the Association, he was the creator of numerous projects in the non-governmental sector, such as the “School of Economic Journalism”, the “School of Liberalism”, the “Sarajevo Debate” and the author and promoter of certain political reforms and laws.