Andraš Urban

Director (Serbia)

Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad in the class of Vlatko Gilić, directed in the National Theatre in Subotica. In the nineties, he left the studies and went back to Senta to graduate in 2000 in the class of Boro Drašković. Upon completion of his studies, he started professional engagement in the theatre “Deže Kostolanji” in Subotica, and is currently its Director. He founded an independent theatre company under the working title Ensemble of Andraš Urban, and realized significant international cooperation with the theatre companies of a similar, modern orientation, first of all the theatres from the neighbouring Republic of Hungary. He went to the study tour to Japan. The rich opus of director Andraš Urban testifies to his various interests: from the Lizard (1988) to the performance The Beach (2008) based on the motives from the Stranger by Albert Camus, we follow a theatrical biography that is almost without comparison in the contemporary Vojvodina theatre. The theatre audience has been following with great interests his theatrical adaptations of Buchner (1992), Shakespeare (1992), Dukovski (2000) and Arrabal (2001). Both when he examines the new theatrical forms (Falling tree – work demonstration, 2002) and when he returns to the works of national authors (Tolnai 2003, Čat 2004), his approach has always been focused on the new expression, movement or dynamics of theatrical play. In the forefront of his experiments have always been the search for the human existence; the questions Urban brings up by far exceed the common stereotypes. (Waiting for Godot, 2005, Brecht The Hardcore Machine, 2007). He was awarded by numerous awards at different festivals (Bitef, 1992, Festival of Alternative Theatre of Hungary, 2003 and 2004, Sterija’s Theatre 2011 and 2016, Infant 2008), but the most important award of Hungary for theatrical art, which he received in 2008, needs to be specifically mentioned.