Digital Forum

Young Leadership Programme

Hotel Europe, Sarajevo
8 Dec 9:30am 2019

Masterclass: Europe’s newcomers – Mentor: Julija Bala

Who are the people coming to Europe from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, Nigeria, Burkine Faso and other countries? Why are they coming? How will they live in Europe? How does Europe change?

Julia Bala specialized in child psychology in Yugoslavia and for thirty years now she is one of the leading experts on the issues of refugees and immigrants.

Masterclass: Why dictatorships do not like cafe-bars? – Mentor: Marta Šimečkova

How does intersection of politics, morality and intellectual life emerge? Why does conviviality and freedom belong to that? What kind of spaces does it require? Debate about public space: how can it be intimate and open, and thus, free at the same time? In totalitarian regimes: how private space, such as private apartments could turn open, and thus, public and free? A debate about possibilities for people to create spaces of freedom in dictatorships and totalitarian regime – even in situation such as prison. A brief history of cafés as places of political and intellectual debates in the West and in Central Europe.

Marta Šimečkova is one of the founders of Central European Forum that has been organized for 30 years in Bratislava, bringing together
some of the most interesting European intellectuals. East European intellectual scene is especially interesting, very dynamic, although we in the Balkans know very little about it.

Masterclass: Art, Environment and Sustainability – Mentor: Tamar Bruggemann

How can art and culture remain meaningful in the 21st century? What role do they have in terms of ecological and social sustainability? How do they relate to current themes such as diversity, inclusiveness, fair practice and fair pay? And to what extent is the 19th classical infrastructure still adequate for its 21st century public?

Dutch festival director Tamar Brüggemann (1981) talks about the various aspects of sustainability in the cultural sector and why she founded her festivals Wonderfeel and What About Now.