Digital Forum

Young Leadership Programme

Hotel Europe, Sarajevo
7 Dec 10:00am 2019

Film “The Siege” – Author: Remy Ourdan

Remy Qurdan arrived to Sarajevo in 1992, at the very beginning of the war to report for a French radio station. He was 22 then. Ever since then Sarajevo has remained his most important theme. He made a film about the siege of Sarajevo that is considered by many as the best of all. Remy still travels around the world investigating resistance to injustice and fight against evil.

Masterclass: Why truth matters? – Mentor: Remy Ourdan

From the siege of Sarajevo to the battle of Mosul, Remy Ourdan is writing war stories for three decades, always trying to be close to frontlines and fighters and understand what they are fighting for, as well as being interested in the fate of civilian populations and investigating the crimes perpetrated against them. In a world where politics and technology are often promoting denial, he is telling us why truth matters.