Digital Forum

Young Leadership Programme

National theatre, Mostar
9 Dec 1:00pm 2019

Masterclass: Problems of identity – Mentor: Ana Dević

A forum about politics or the politicization of identity. Discussion about the cleavages between the belief that identity is what we think or express about ourselves as individuals, and those identity markers that are pressed upon us from family, schools, religious institutions, media, and from the forms orchestrated by state institutions. Is there, or should there be congruence between those two kinds of identities? Do we recognize the cleavages or not, and can we do something to overcome the gaps?

Ana Dević is a professor of sociology who taught at numerous universities in the USA and Europe (Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Serbia, Turkey). She now works at the KU-University in Leuven.

Masterclass: Reasons to go; Reasons to stay – Mentors: Chris Keulemans, Willemijn Lamp

Many young and talented people in the Western Balkans dream of leaving. What should change to make it possible for them to stay? Which tools are there to create a better society? And if they go, how can they make the most of that opportunity?

Keulemans was the founder and artistic director of three cultural centres in Amsterdam: Perdu, De Balie and De Tolhuistuin. He published eight books of fiction and non-fiction and wrote essays, travel stories and reports on war, migration, cinema, football, theatre, urban issues and visual arts.

Lamp is the co-founder and co-director of a literature festival in Amsterdam: Read My World. She also works as a freelance curator, theatre-literature critic, dramaturge and advisor for the arts.