Art forum, Theatre


Sarajevo War Theatre
21 Dec 8:00pm

Directed by: Jasna Đuričić


Vladimir Kos Nikola Knežević, Maša Kos Isidora Vlček, Alisa Kos Vanja Kovačević, Lucija Kos Ksenija Mitrović, Dunja Kralj Tamara Šustić, Karolina Armuš Ana Rudakijević, Aleksandar Kralj Stefan Beronja, Monika Vinter Andrijana Đorđević, Švabo (Кarlo Dolinar) Aljoša Đidić, Ruža Kralj Staša Blečić, Marko Horvat Aca Lazin, Igor Marević Miloš Lučić, Marinko Srđan Kner

Lighting designer: Anđelko Popić; Sound designer: Aleksandar Mrđan; Lighting technician: Stefan Asentijević; Producer: Uroš Ranković

The play was created as the graduate work of acting students in the class of professors Jasna Đuričić and Sanja Ristic Krajnov. The play premiered on March 25, 2018. “Three Winters” is a story that follows the history of a Zagreb family and their house in three key historical moments (1945, 1990 and 2011), where each year brings significant obstacles that affect the fate of not only the hero of the story, but also the entire history of the former Yugoslavia. Between wars, contemporary political events and love, we see the courage to find their place in the world primarily through the female characters of the family, who have been its pillar for generations. As we follow their path in the present day, occasionally with retrospection, we remember what the family had faced in the past and how far that past actually is from us.