Sarajevo Fest Plus, World Premiere

Thin air

5 Dec 4:07pm 2020

Composer: Calliope Tsoupaki Arrangement: Dino Šukalo Electric guitar solo: Dino Šukalo Video auteur and director of photography: Alen Alilović

Tamar Brüggemann, Co-director of the Wonderfeel Festival in Amsterdam launched the “Festivals for Compassion” action and invited the Greek composer Calliope Tsoupaki to write a composition to be performed by European musicians as an act of honouring all the victims of Covid 2019. It is also an expression of empathy to all people affected by the disease, and this is literally, all of us. Tsoupaki wrote the composition “Thin Air”, which numerous musicians have performed at over 50 European festivals so far. Sarajevo Fest has invited Dino Šukalo to perform his version of the piece, and we will present an exceptional composition in his fascinating interpretation. The video that director of photography Alen Alilović devised and recorded is just as exciting.