Variety of physical possibilities

Pozorište mladih Sarajevo
1 Dec 11:00am 2023

Workshop – Variety of physical possibilities

Through the workshop, we will get to know our own body better, its tasks, advantages and limitations, differences and peculiarities that we carry. We will work with the body’s memory and archive and document it.

Larisa Lipovac, choreographer and director of the Tala Dance Center, produces, organizes and initiates many dance projects and continuously participates in all activities of the Croatian independent dance scene. She works as a dancer, choreographer, dance pedagogue and director, and designs creative concepts for various collaborators, organizations and projects. She started and runs a new residential performance space – Space for dance, art and entertainment @TALA PLE(j)S.

The workshop is held as part of the Enabled Theater project supported by Kreativna Evropa.