Art forum

Poetics of silence

1 Dec 8:00pm 2023

“The play began as “Poetics of Listening” and as a kind of continuation of the play “Poetics of Watching” in which we dealt with the visuality of the theater. Here we wanted to deal with what we hear, with tone and sound, but reality turned it into a different story, a story about the poetics of silence. I wanted to deal with the state that precedes articulate speech, but it has become much more relevant to deal with what follows, which is post-language” – director Andraš Urban. In the play “Poetics of Silence”, intelligible, articulate words are not spoken, but suggestive non-verbal images guide the audience through the play.

Director: Andraš Urban

Cast: David Buboš, Boris Kučov, Gabor Mesaroš and Andrea Verebeš

Sound: Laszlo Palatinus
Assistant director: Zofia Serda