National Theatre, Sarajevo
8 Dec 7:00pm 2019

Cast: Saša Torlaković, Hana Selimović, Ninoslav Đorđević, Tijana Marković, Marko Marković, Biljana Keskenović Set design: Andreja Rondović Costume design: Jelisaveta Tatić Čuturilo Music: Vladimir Pejković Co-production: Srpsko narodno pozorište and Narodno pozorište Sombor Based on: Moliere’s original play “Tartuffe” Author and director: Igor Vuk Torbica

The theatre production of “Tartuffe“, a project authored by Igor Vuk Torbica, was co-produced by the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad and National Theatre in Sombor; a contemporary version of the classic play by Moliere that resulted from the project titled “The Comic Elements of Classic Plays”. In the original Moliere’s play, the central theme – hypocrisy and lies – related to religious hypocrisy, in the adaptation of Igor Vuk Torbica, with the help of bold acting improvisations of his cast, focuses on the topical issues in our society presented in context of family. The performance shows our moral weakness, manipulation made possible due to the feeling of guilt, and our acceptance of unacceptable living conditions, as well as our stupidity and lies.