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Miss Julie

National Theatre Sarajevo
20 Dec 7:30pm

August Strindberg

Directed and adapted by Haris Pašović. Project dramaturg Jelena Paligorić Sinkević, Set designer Aleksandar Denić, Costume designers Irma Saje and Vanja Ciraj Džudža, Composer Marko Grubić, Choreographer Igor Pastor, Lighting designer Srđan Jovanović, Sound designer Dušan Arsikin, Assistant director Stefan Gajić


Miss Julija: Ana Rudakijević, Jean: Strahinja Blažić, Kristina: Mina Pavlica, Choir: Katarina Bradonjić, Ksenija Repić, Tamara Šustić, Nikola Knežević, Filip Stankovski, Jovan Veljković

Stage Manager: Goran Mladenović, Prompter: Snežana Budimlić, Organizer: Vlastimir Repić, Stage Master: Milan Ćirić, Sound design: Dušan Arskin, Lighting design: Vladimir Krunić, Makeup and hair: Mirjana Rakić, Wardrobe: Tanja Vuksanović and Miladin Pavićević

Haris Pašović’s Miss Julie

We are living a new reality in which we breathe differently, communicate differently, work differently. We are living a new reality in which we are required to be new people who create a new theatre. Changes happen in a flash, thoroughly and mysteriously. In such demanding circumstances, for the birth of new theatrical works, it is necessary to have strong pillars that can cope with great challenges. The theatre of Mrs. Madlena Zepter found them in the personalities of the writer August Strindberg and director Haris Pašović.

A gem of dramatic literature, Strindberg’s Miss Julie, directed by Haris Pašović on the Madlenianum stage, defied everything that is instant life and everything that is false creativity. The work is conceived as a campaign of an army of artist-ascetics that strives to cognize the contemporary Miss Julie and her servants. In the contemporary Miss Julie, on the grounds of Lake Bohinj, in the home of a rich Slovenian man, we meet his daughter Julia, who dies after a difficult night in the company of her servants.

The servants are young emigrants from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and among them is the charming hero Žan, a young man who finds himself in a whirlwind of love with his mistress.

There was an opportunity for us all to return to our personal depths in this time of imposed isolation and great artists used it as a seed for their new works. That is precisely why Haris Pašović chose the intimate, psychological, and naturalistic piece by August Strindberg. He led his carefully selected team of authors and performers with confidence through the splendor of stage solutions, which promise pain, but also catharsis.

After 30 years, Madlenianum brought to the Belgrade stage a world-class director whose performances here were not only awarded, but also adored. That is why we are deeply honoured, and no less because of the return of Miss Julie to the Belgrade repertoire in the moment when the story can be healing for the young generations, and equally for the generations of those who raised today’s youth.

Ana Radivojević- Zdravković
Director of Drama