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Generation 91-95

10 Dec 10:00pm 2021

Zagreb Youth Theater

The play Generation 91-95 was based on the novel Jebo sad a thousand dinars by the famous Split journalist and writer Boris Dežulović. The play stars actors from the drama studio of the Zagreb Youth Theater School, and the director is Borut Šeparović. The backbone of the story is an absurd situation created by the meeting of two groups of disguised soldiers on a secret mission, members of the HVO and the Army of BiH, in the summer of 1993 somewhere in the Bosnian hinterland. The tragedy of confusion is inevitable. Dežulović’s story is fictional, while the historical fact in which it is set is realistic.

Twelve young men (selected at an audition organized in December 2008) between the ages of fourteen and eighteen take on the biographies of twelve of Dežulović’s fictional characters and through them enter the war chronology of the 1990s and the time preceding the 1990s. In the space between the fiction of the novel on the one hand and the fiction of the theater on the other, the only real element are boys and young men born during the Homeland War, that is, a generation whose experience of the Homeland War is possible only through someone else (family, school, media tko) he told them about the war.

The play Generation 91-95. is a homage to Montažstroj, a performer, dance and drama group, founded at the end of 1989, which started working 20 years ago at the Zagreb Youth Theater.


Aldin Kasumović
Andrey Kopchok
Andrej Vesel
Bernard Tomić
Dario Stajčić
Filip Jurković
Ivan Fedor
Ivan Pašalić
Luka Šulje
Matija Čigar
Matija Šakoranja
Nikola Nedic
Svebor Kamenski Bačun


Text: Boris Dežulović / Goran Ferčec / Borut Šeparović

Directed by: Borut Šeparović

Playwright and assistant director: Goran Ferčec
Set design: Borut Šeparović
Costume design: Doris Kristić and Borut Šeparović
Music: Hans Zimmer, Samuel Barber, Philip Glass, Henryk Górecki

Supervisor: Željko Začek

Photo: Mara Bratoš
Graphic design: Roberta Bratović and Nina Bačun