Depth Two

4. december

Cinema City, Sarajevo

Moderator: Dino Mustafić

Subtitles: English

Documentary “Depth Two” was a part of research for the feature film “Load” about a gruesome crime and conspiracy to cover it. Each film is a masterpiece and, together, they make a profoundly moving film diptych. An excellent role played by Leon Lučev.

2016/Serbia, France/80 min

Editor: Jelena Maksimović Cinematography: Tatjana Krstevski Sound design: Jakov Munižaba Production: Dragana Jovović, Non-Aligned Films, Sandra Orlović, Fund for Humanitarian Law Co-production: Sophie Erbs, Cinema Defacto (France) Screenplay and directing: Ognjen Glavonić

A combination of testimonies and footage of the place where crimes were committed 17 years ago, DUBINA DVA is a documentary with elements of thriller, about a mass grave in the suburb of Belgrade. In an attempt to discover, shed light and give voice to these stories, still buried in silence, with its meditative and hypnotic style, this film addresses the experience, imagination and emotions of viewers.