Dayton disagreement

8. december

Guests: Dejan Jović, Goran Marković, Sead Turčalo, political scientists

Host: Dragan Markovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina arrives to the 25th anniversary of the Dayton Accords as an extremely dysfunctional country, with poor social relations, absence of critical public opinion, inability to establish a civic society, and an ever-growing awareness that such a status is unsustainable, supported by the obvious efforts by national leaders to disagree on amending the Accords and lack of consistent international policy towards BiH. Is it possible to change the status quo and reach a new agreement on the country’s future, is the situation unchangeable and how are Serbia and Croatia treating BiH?

  • Moderator
    Dragan Markovina

    Historian (Croatia)

  • Panelist
    Dejan Jovic

    Political scientist (Croatia)

  • Panelist
    Goran Markovic

    Vice Dean for Scientific-Research Work (Bosnia and Hercegovina)

  • Panelist
    Sead Turcalo

    Associate professor at the Department of Security and Peace Studies (Bosnia and Herzegovina)