Tamar Brüggemann

Curator, festival director (Netherlands)

Founded and co-directed Wonderfeel, the outdoor festival for classical music. She started her career at the Utrecht Early Music Festival (2001-2013) and subsequently managed the baroque orchestra Holland Baroque for several years. In December 2019, the first edition of What About Now will take place, a long night that focuses on social sustainability by celebrating the here and now. Besides developing her own festival concepts, Tamar also fulfills a number of additional functions, including curating Parklife (part of the Flanders Festival Ghent) and advising the Performing Arts Fund NL and the Municipality of Rotterdam and Amersfoort. She is also a board member of the Rosa Ensemble and Ensemble Stargaze. Tamar holds a Master’s degree in Language and Culture Studies from Utrecht University and has studied Musicology at the Humboldt University in Berlin. From 2016-2018 she was a fellow of the International Society for the Performing Arts in New York. Since 2017 Tamar is part of EFFE’s International Jury that awards the biennial EFFE Awards to the most remarkable festivals in Europe. To breath in some air outside the cultural bubble, Tamar started playing football since three years. Her goal is not to finish last in the pool this season.