Sergej Trifunović

Actor (Serbia)

Famous Serbian actor and politician (since 2019 President of the Movement of Free Citizens); realized a series of well received roles in film. Studied acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, and made his film debut in 1995, in the “Someone Else’s America” (“Tuđa Amerika”). He appeared as a special guest at the album “Heart Core” of the pop group of Eva Braun in rendering of the song “Take me Away from this City” (“Odvedi me iz ovog grada”) of the group Film. In the film “Hornet” (“Stršljen”) by Gorčin Stojanović he interpreted the role of Miljaim, an Albanian contract killer; he acted in the Serbian-American movie “The Savior” (“Spasitelj”) by Director Predrag Antonijević. He also played a kidnapper of a bus in Paskaljević’s film “The Powder Ked” (“Bure baruta”). His prior roles and good knowledge of English brought him the leading role in the French drama “Lovers” by Jean-Marc Barr in 1999, and a role in an American movie of Director Lee Davis and Producer Spike Lee “3 AM” in 2001. He acted in popular Serbian urban comedy “Lightning!” (“Munje!”) by Radivoj Andrić. Served his military conscription in Petrovaradin. After the service, he got a role of Crni Grujo in the Serbian series of the same name. In 2003, he appeared in Andrić’s hit film “When I grow Up, I’ll Be a Kangaroo” (“Kad porastem biću kengur”) and “The Professional” (“Profesionalac”) by Dušan Kovačević. In America, he had a leading role in the low budget American film “Love” by Vladan Nikolić. In 2005, he acted in big budget film “The Blockhouse” (“Karaula”) by Rajko Grlić, based on a novel by Anto Tomić “Nothing must Surprise Us” (“Ništa nas ne smije iznenaditi”), which was made in coproduction of all countries emerging from the former Yugoslavia. In America, Trifunović had small roles in the series “Sleeper Cell” and in the film “Next”. In 2007, he had a supporting role in the American-Serbian film “Serbian Scars” (“Srpski ožiljci”). He appeared in the following theatre plays: “The Powder Ked” (“Bure baruta”), “The Tracks” (“Šine”), “Family tales” (“Porodične priče”), “The Damned Yard” (“Prokleta avlija”), “The Fortress” (“Tvrđava”), “The Train” (“Voz”) and many more.

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