Dragan Markovina

Historian (Croatia)

Over the period 2004-2014, worked at the Department for History of the Faculty of Philosophy in Split, during which time he received the title of Doctor of Sciences and Docent for History. He wrote for many regional portals and magazines, and today is a regular columnist at the portal, “Oslobođenje” from Sarajevo, and “Novi Magazin” from Belgrade. He wrote a series of research papers and books: “Između crvenog i crnog: Split i Mostar u kulturi sjećanja” (2014), “Tišina poraženog grada” (2015), “Jugoslovenstvo poslije svega (2015)”, “Povijest poraženih” (2015), “Doba kontrarevolucije”(2017). He won the award “Mirko Kovač” for his book “Između crvenog i crnog: Split i Mostar u kulturi sjećanja”; and he was the founder of the Korčula After Party. He is a member of the PEN centre of Bosnia and Herzegovina.