Dana Budisavljević

Director (Croatia)

Graduated in the Department for Film and TV editing ADU in Zagreb. Worked as assistant editor, production assistant and organizer of film festivals. Had her debut as director in the documentary film “All 5!” (Factum, 2004), and gained wider popularity by a family movie about coming out “Nije ti život pjesma Havaja” (Hulahop, 2012). As a producer, she signed the documentary series “Betonski spavači” by Saša Ban, as well as the films “Lijepo mi je s tobom, znaš” by Eva Kraljević, “Onda vidim Tanju”, by Juraj Lerotić, and others. “Dnevnik Diane Budisavljević” is her first feature film. It premiered in Pula festival in 2019, winning six awards (Great Golden Arena for the best film, Golden Arena for the Directing, Award of the Jury of the Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean – FEDEORA for the best Croatian feature film, Audience’s Award: Golden Gates of Pula, Golden Arena for Music, Golden Arena for Editing).